Stop Flooding in its Tracks

How it Works

Smart Sensors Transmit Important Data

Virtual Super uses flow, water and temperature sensors throughout your building to detect potentially damaging internal flooding and send an alert to your smart phone.

Customize Your Management Portfolio

Virtual Super permits multiple users in your portfolio access to the app, you do not have to rely on just one person. Anyone in your management team with a smart phone can be on the system.

Real Time Shut Off at Your Fingertips

Knowing there is a broken pipe in your building is essential. Most small to midsize commercial building are completely unoccupied at night. Having the ability to shut off the pipe remotely on the smart phone is a major advantage.

Tailored Installation Packages

All building owners run their properties differently. The founders of Virtual Super are real estate owners and managers so each system is designed to your specific needs

Smart Sensors


Water flows through pipes for two reasons: either someone is using water or there is a leak. With input of your building management, Virtual Super designs a customized system that helps distinguish a leak from normal use.


Many leaks are caused by pipes freezing. VirtualSuper performs onsite consulting to identify vulnerable freeze up locations and places temperature sensors to monitor potential “freeze ups”. If the location in your building temperature drops below 55 degrees, VirtualSuper sends an alert to your smart phone.


Moisture Sensors are placed in strategic locations throughout the property where pipe ruptures are most likely to occur. If water is detected on the floor, an alert of the exact location will be sent to your smart phone, giving the user advanced notice of a leak.

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